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List of top 10 hotel management software in India

Hotel management software is an essential technology for businesses in the hotel industry. Regardless of whether you own a large hotel or a small one, you can achieve several benefits from the right hotel management software. For this, we have made a list of the top 10 hotel management software in India to help you find the most suitable software for your hotel business.

Let’s see which are the best 10 hotel management software in India.

Table of contents
1. Top 10 hotel management software in India
1.1 Ezyhotel’s Hotel Booking Management
1.2 Hotelogix
1.3 eZee Absolute – Online Hotel PMS
1.4 Aatithya HMS
1.5 InnkeyPMS
1.6 SabeeApp
1.7 ShawMan Hotel Management Software
1.8 Cheerze Connect
1.9 IManageMyHotel
1.10 Hoteliga Hotel Management Software
2. Conclusion

Top 10 hotel management software in India

Ezyhotel’s Hotel Booking Management

Ezyhotel’s hotel management software is by far the best hotel management software in India. Ezyhotel built-in google drive connects your check-in/check-out process, room service tracking, payment, and billing process to a centralized booking dashboard.

The software can be completely customized as per your requirement. All your customer data is secured and saved within your google drive. Your data is never shared with any third party. And even if you stop using the software (which we know you won’t) all your customer data remains with you.

This makes Ezyhotel the best low-cost software available online.

hotel management software in india - booking dashboard module

Some key features of Ezyhotel’s hotel management are:

  • Simple UI Ezyhotel’s software is easy to use and has a simple UI. This makes it easy for your team to adapt to the system.
  • Easily customized – Creating a user-friendly interface that is customized as per your standards can help your employees adapt to the system easily.
  • Cloud-based – Software is based on the cloud. Cloud storage providers like google drive provide an extra layer of security in terms of backup. 
  • Mobile Friendly – Software is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Low Cost – Most of the hotel management software available in the market for small or medium hotels costs anywhere between Rs.2500 or $50 per month to Rs.8000 to $250 per month. This price is relatively high for small businesses. Ezyhotel solves all these issues by cutting the cost of the software by almost 50%. It costs as low as Rs. 900 per month.
  • After-sales support – Ezyhotel treats all its users equally and provides after-sales support to every user. You just have to send an email explaining your issue and it’ll be solved within 24 hrs.

If you are still not sure, you can try a free trial or schedule a demo and then decide if you would like to continue.

Rating: 4.8/5 as per our client
Pricing: starting from as low as Rs. 900 per month


Hotelogix offers an all-in-one platform aimed at simplifying your daily tasks. The best part is that it’s mobile-friendly, so your staff can manage their hotel on the go.

Not only that, but it protects your online reputation and fosters goodwill. 24-hour customer service is also very popular in India.

Rating: 4.4/5 as per Capterra
Pricing: starting from Rs. 4250 per month
Website: https://www.hotelogix.com/

eZee Absolute – Online Hotel PMS

EZee absolute system supports you with automated credit card verification and notifies your team if it’s invalid. In addition, you can sell complete packages and run promotions to increase awareness and earn more profits. This hotel management solution features a chatbot to support guest questions and concerns.

Rating: 4.2/5 as per Software Suggest
Pricing: starting from Rs. 2046 per month
Website: https://www.ezeeabsolute.com/

Aatithya HMS

Aatithya hotel management software is the flagship product to optimize the real-time performance of the hotel business.

It is designed as a flexible, customizable, reliable, stable, and cost-effective solution for managing the needs of a 360-degree hotel ecosystem. The software can be used in budget hotels, motels, motels, guest houses, large commercial centers, resorts, clubs, restaurants and shops, parties, etc.

Rating: 4.5/5 as per Software Suggest
Pricing: Available on request
Website: https://hotel-software.dataman.in/


InnkeyPMS is a cloud-based hotel management software that helps manage all activities on a single platform. Everything in this system is on the cloud platform allowing access and management from anywhere and at any time. This software has great features that help your business simplify tasks and enrich the customer experience.

Rating: 3.1/5 as per Google review
Pricing: $3 per room per month
Website: https://www.innkeypms.net/


SabeeApp offers customizable solutions for hostels, hotels, and apartment rentals. You can easily access the system from anywhere, using any internet-connected device. Some of its modules include a front desk system, internet booking engine, payment gateway, GuestAdvisor tools, and more.

Rating: 4.7/5 as per Capterra
Pricing: €89 per property/month
Website: https://www.sabeeapp.com/

ShawMan Hotel Management Software

ShawMan PMS is developed by ShawMan Software. It is an effective tool for managing rooms, guest preferences, and many other standard activities, including information analysis for catalogs. The concept of head office and units makes it possible to centrally manage a hotel chain’s rates and business processes.

Rating: Unavailable
Pricing: Rs. 2500 / month
Website: https://shawmansoftware.com/property-management-system/

Cheerze Connect

Cheerze connect is end-to-end hotel management system software that helps you run your operations efficiently. This software is one of the best solutions that provides a contactless customer experience. This software allows your guests to download a mobile app and they can do everything from check-in to check-out through their phones.

Rating: 4/5 as per Capterra
Pricing: starting from $100
Website: https://www.cheerzeconnect.com/


IManageMyHotel, a well-known hotel management company in India, is a web-based application that helps you manage multiple properties from the cloud. It simplifies every aspect of running a hotel, resort, restaurant or guesthouse.

Centralized reservation system and inventory management are some of its key features. You can run the software from any computer, mobile device or tablet.

Rating: 4.6/5 as per Software Suggest
Pricing: Available on request
Website: https://www.imanagemyhotel.com/

Hoteliga Hotel Management Software

Hoteliga is a cloud-based hotel property management system with a comprehensive set of features that automate the daily tasks of hoteliers. Applications include reservation management, point of sale, reporting, housekeeping management, online booking engine, guest history management, and price management.

Hoteliga also includes a booking engine for the hotel website to increase direct bookings. Hotel owners can track guest history and compile a profile with guest contact information and preferences for added personalization.

Rating: 4.6/5 as per Software Suggest
Pricing: starting from €25 per property / month
Website: https://www.hoteliga.com/


All these softwares listed above are the best softwares available online. But not all are suitable for your hotel business. Some have a complex UI while some others are expensive for your small/medium size hotel business.

Ezyhotel might be the best software for your hotel management needs. It is easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly UI. All the data is stored in your google drive. Unlike other expensive software, Ezyhotel HMS starts as low as Rs. 900 per month.

Explore more about Ezyhotel’s Hotel management software with a free 7 days trial or schedule a demo

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