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Install simple hotel management software in your google drive

The modern hotel industry has become quite diverse in terms of scale. Hotel owners need to optimize revenue generation, manage large amounts of data, and use it to provide the seamless service that guests expect. By installing simple hotel management software in your google drive, you can easily consolidate all the processes and automate all your repetitive tasks.

Hotel management software is a software solution that can help you with a variety of hotel management tasks and administrative processes, ranging from maintaining room service records, tracking check-in/out, collecting payments, billings, etc.

Hotel management software available in the market can be quite complex and difficult for your desk manager to understand. These softwares may not be suitable for small and medium-sized hotels.

Instead, simple Google Drive apps can be integrated and customized as hotel management software for your hotel management needs.

Let’s see how to do that:

Table Of Contents
1. General expectation from a hotel management software
1.1 Managing customer data
1.2 Simple UI
1.3 Easily customizable
1.4 Cloud based
1.5 Easy Access
2. Using a simple hotel management software in your google drive
2.1 Mobile friendly
2.2 Room booking
2.3 Billing
2.4 Tracking check ins and check outs
2.5 Room Service
2.6 Dynamic Reports
2.7 Payment
3. Conclusion

General expectation from a hotel management software

Managing customer data

The hotel industry is increasingly becoming data-driven, which means all the data from the customers should be recorded and maintained securely. 

For this reason, your hotel management software must include a proper customer data management function, allowing you to obtain contact details, the dates customers stayed at the hotel, information about which guests are in which room, etc.

Simple UI

Real-time tracking of customers can happen only when there are regular updates of customers going into the hotel management system. But many team members are reluctant to submit regular updates. They see it as burdensome data entry work.

Your team is further discouraged when they see that the data entry form is a complex software page that needs to be filled out multiple times. They would much rather prefer to update the data in a spreadsheet.

Easily customizable

Customization is often overlooked by those providing hotel management software, but it has several significant benefits. Creating a user-friendly interface that is customized as per your standards can help your employees adapt to the system easily and also reduce the time taken to understand the system.

All the forms and reports in the system should be customized as per your requirement. The backend structure should be efficient enough to collect all the relevant and accurate data of your customers.

Cloud based

Your hotel management system should always be based on the cloud. Cloud storage providers like google drive provide an extra layer of security in terms of backup. 

When all your data is stored online it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. When your software is online all the data is secured, unlike offline software in which all the data can vanish at any moment.

Easy Access

You may not be in the hotel to check the progress of how your business is running. Your staff may want to check any report or data of any customer quickly. For this, your hotel management software should be easily accessed from outside of the office, on mobile devices.

Using a simple hotel management software in your google drive

Now we know what are the crucial requirements or expectations from hotel management software. Let us now see various features and examine how Ezyhotel’s Hotel Management Software will fit into all these expectations.

Fuzen - Hotel management software simple

Mobile friendly

When the owner, manager, housekeeping, and or other staff need to check details on a booking quickly they shouldn’t have to rush back to the office. Any system you use must not only be accessible but also optimized for use on mobile phones. Better yet, the owner should be able to check performance while on holiday.

Room booking

hotel management software simple - Room booking dashboard

The system easily checks room availability and status and shows free rooms across different room types. This function monitors double bookings and allows reservations. Then it schedules bookings and displays information about current, past and upcoming bookings on a dashboard. You can also see the room images and other related information in the room details section.


When most guests check out, they want a copy of their bill. So your hotel management software should be able to easily export guests’ expenses and payment details that contain all charges from their stay. There should also be an option to print the bill. Ezyhotel’s hotel booking management software also provides the option to customise the bill as per your format. 

Tracking check ins and check outs

Tracking check ins and outs is the key feature of every hotel management software. Ezyhotel’s software provides this function in the easiest and most customizable way. The system syncs automatically and keeps all the check-in and occupancy details updated. The check-in form includes all the important fields like name, source, address, room no., check-in date and time, etc whereas the check-out form includes the date and time of checkout, remarks, feedback, etc.

Room Service

Your hotel may provide room service like breakfast, lunch, drinks, etc. to your customers. You must maintain a record of all the services provided and then include them in the final bill. The system should also calculate all the taxes and discounts provided.

Dynamic Reports

How do you know if your hotel is doing well if you can’t measure your performance? A robust software should provide your staff quick access to reports based on the latest data, and these reports could be linked to hotel performance and financial information. These reports must give deeper insight into revenue generation.


Your customers may make payments frequently during his/her stay in your hotel. All these payments must be recorded as and when they are received. The amount received must be deducted from the final bill.


You don’t need a complex hotel management system that is difficult for your team to adapt. A simple Ezyhotel hotel management app that is built in google drive can streamline all your hotel management process.

You can customize the software as per your requirement. All your data is secured and maintained within your google drive. As google drive does all the heavy lifting of maintaining your data, there is no cloud storage cost.

All these features make Ezyhotel one of the best software available online.

To explore more about Ezyhotel HMS you can try a free trial or also schedule an online demo.

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