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Online demo for hotel management software

Hotel management software is an essential technology for businesses in the hotel industry. It serves the day-to-day needs of the hotels. This leads to maximized controls, scalability, and revenue. By installing simple hotel management software in your google drive, you can easily consolidate all the processes and automate all your repetitive tasks. Hotel Management Software can solve all your hotel purpose. In this blog, we’ll see an online demo of Ezyhotel hotel management software.

Before we go for the demo, let’s see some general expectations from any hotel management software available in the market.

Table of Contents
1. General expectation from a hotel management software

1.1 Managing customer data
1.2 Simple UI
1.3 Easily customized
1.4 Cloud based
1.5 Easy Access
2. Online demo for Ezyhotel
3. Live online demo of hotel management software
4. How does the Ezyhotel hotel management software work?
5. Conclusion

General expectation from a hotel management software

Managing customer data

In the modern hotel industry data plays an important role. Therefore all your guest data should be recorded and stored securely. A good hotel management software with a proper customer data management function allows you to obtain your guest details like contact number, check-in/out dates, payment information, etc. easily.

Simple UI

Real-time tracking of guests can happen only when there are regular updates of guests going into the system. But many team members are reluctant to submit regular updates and see it as burdensome data entry work. A complex form page will further discourage your team as they have to do the data entry multiple times each day.

Easily customized

Customization is often overlooked by those providing hotel management software, but it has many significant benefits. Your employees can adapt to the system easily if the interface is user-friendly and is customized as per your standards.

All the forms and reports in the system should be customized as per your requirement. The backend structure should be strong enough to collect all the relevant and accurate data of your guests.

Cloud based

Your hotel management system should always be based on the cloud. Cloud storage providers like google drive, AWS, etc. provide an extra layer of security in terms of backup and privacy. When all your data is stored on the cloud it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Easy Access

You may not be in the hotel to check the progress of how your business is running. You may want to check any report or data of any customer quickly. For this, your hotel management software should be easily accessed from outside of the office, on mobile devices.

Ezyhotel fulfill all these expectations. This makes Ezyhotel’s hotel management software the best low-cost software available online.

Online demo for Ezyhotel’s hotel management software

Live online demo of hotel management software

If you have seen the video above and found it interesting or want to explore more on how Ezyhotel work, you can request a live demo. For this, simply click here and schedule a demo as per your convenience.

How does the Ezyhotel hotel management software work?

1. End-to-end tracking of your hotel bookings from a central booking dashboard.

hotel management software in india - booking dashboard module

2. Keep track of your hotel rooms and their status from a room dashboard.

hotel management software - room dashboard module

3. Check all the room details like room type, bed type, status, and photos in a single tab.

hotel management software in india - room details module

4. Simple form to track all your room service charges. And a table to check any charge at any time.

hotel management software in india - room service module

5. Mobile friendly check-in and check-out form to manage booking from anywhere.

hotel management software in india - check in/out module

6. Record and maintain payments of individual guests using a simple form.

7. At the click of a button, all the bill-related details updated in a predefined template – which can be fully customized. 

hotel management software in india - check in/out module


You don’t need a complex hotel management system that is difficult for your team to adapt. A simple hotel management app that is built in google drive can streamline all your hotel management process.

You can customize the software as per your requirement. All your data is secured and maintained within your google drive. As google drive does all the heavy lifting of maintaining your data, there is no cloud storage cost.

All these features make Ezyhotel management software one of the best software available online.

To explore more about Ezyhotel you can try a free trial or also schedule an online demo.

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